Retroist Rewind: Atari 7800

Retroist Rewind: Atari 7800

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The Professor Atari

By The Professor on July 21, 2014

Today we begin a new monthly feature we’re calling “Retroist Rewind”. We’ll be looking back at classic episodes from our favorite retro-themed podcast, The Retroist! We’ll post a monthly “Retroist Rewind” feature to the Blog, celebrate our favorite episodes, and discuss the show in the Forums.

If you haven’t listened to The Retroist Podcast before, you’re in for a treat. It’s a celebration of nostalgia and pop culture, discussing retro games, movies, tv, and more! Each episode opens with a great personal story from The Retroist himself, then delves into the backstory of the subject matter, how the subject came to be, it’s debut, popularity, and lasting importance and affect on pop culture. The Retroist Podcast is an absolute joy, and we think it deserves your attention.


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This month, we revisit a recent episode about one of our all-time favorite game systems, the Atari 7800 ProSystem! The Atari 7800 ProSystem is a third-generation video game system introduced in June, 1984 as Atari’s premiere 8-Bit console for the 1980′s. It features simplified digital joysticks, near arcade-quality graphics and gaming style, out-of-the-box compatibility with the Atari 2600, and mind-bogglingly handsome industrial design by Barney Huang. It was developed by GCC to incorporate the best features of previous Atari systems and set a new benchmark for arcade-like gameplay on a home console. The Atari 7800 came bundled with two “Pro-Line” joysticks and the arcade-favorite Pole Position II game cartridge that had you zooming indy cars around four real-life inspired racetracks. The 7800 is compatible with the immensely popular Atari 2600, making it a cinch to upgrade without using clunky add-ons.


From The Retroist:


“On today’s show I start off by talking about how my Atari buddy and I kept waiting for the Atari 7800 and how a love for Atari turned him against Nintendo and into the arms of Sega. Then I talk about the Atari 7800 console. I talk about its development, release, re-release, the company who made it, the people who bought that company, the peripherals, the games and much more.”
– The Retroist


If you’d like to discuss this month’s Retroist Rewind episode #168, Atari 7800, we invite you to Join us in the Forums.

Retroist Podcast, Episode 168: Atari 7800

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