Playing The Intellivision Flashback For The First Time

Playing The Intellivision Flashback For The First Time

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The Professor Atari

By The Professor on October 4, 2014

Those awesome people at Intellivision Productions were kind enough to send us an Intellivision Flashback system last week. Obviously, as soon as it arrived we cracked it open, sorted through our overlays, hooked it to the TV and started playing. I was going to post a full review of the Intellivision Flashback later this month, but couldn’t help posting a bunch of videos to Instagram of our friend Keith playing the Intellivision about 30 seconds after we pulled it out of the box.

Overall we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the system. The console itself didn’t feel chinsy or cheaply made. The controllers feel almost identical to the originals (maybe that’s not saying much?) although it now has a straight, modern cord as opposed to the curly-fry telephone cord of the original. Our Intellivision Flashback came with the mylar overlays, and while there weren’t overlays for every single game, there were more than I had expected. What surprised me the most was the excellent screen quality we found when playing the console on a modern flat screen TV, it looked and played very nicely. They were even thoughtful enough to include some of the original artwork on the box, which heightened the throwback experience upon first picking up the box.

We were impressed by the overall quality of the product, and you can see our friend Keith playing the console for the first time in the video below.

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Playing the Intellivision Flashback for the first time


Unboxing Video via Rob AKA MaximumRD


Tour of the games


The “We Were There” commercial


Intellivision on G4 Icons