New Atari Show 7800 Avenue Premieres with Yars’ Revenge!

New Atari Show 7800 Avenue Premieres with Yars’ Revenge!

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By Brian Thomas Barnhart on July 30, 2016  |  YouTube  |  Instagram

Welcome to the premiere of 7800 Avenue, our brand new Atari-themed YouTube show! 7800 Avenue focuses on the classic 8-bit Atari 2600 and 7800 consoles with a look at different games and accessories in each episode.

In the first episode of 7800 Avenue we celebrate Howard Scott Warshaw Day by playing a few rounds of Yars’ Revenge!

On the show we’ll take a look at games and accessories for Atari 7800 and Atari 2600 because thats the beauty of the system – you can play both. Play some Atari today with your friends and family and watch out for that Zorlon Cannon! Happy Birthday Howard Scott Warshaw, and thank you for creating Atari’s best-selling original title for the 2600, this game still rocks!


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Brian Thomas Barnhart is a classic gaming aficionado, a connoisseur of all things retro, and a Senior Fellow at Atari I/O. He is host of The Jag Bar, Lynx Lounge, and the Atari I/O After Hours Podcast, and is a Moderator in the Atari I/O Forums under the name btbfilms76. You can follow him at his YouTube channel