E.T. Excavation Documentary “Atari: Game Over” Debuts With Rough Cut At Comic Con 2014

E.T. Excavation Documentary “Atari: Game Over” Debuts With Rough Cut At Comic Con 2014

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Atari DeLorean Silhouette

By DeLorean on July 25, 2014

Microsoft offered Comic Con attendees an early look at what was billed as a rough cut of Atari: Game Over, the upcoming documentary ostensibly about the fabled Atari 2600 E.T. game.

Though much has been made about the unearthing of buried Atari cartridges in the New Mexico desert, it does not prove to be the film’s most prominent focus. While the burial is present throughout, the film goes on to tell a larger story of the incredible rise and fall of Atari, once the fastest growing company in American history.

The documentary mostly follows the story of Howard Scott Warshaw who serves as the film’s protagonist. Warshaw was the designer responsible for some of Atari’s best selling cartridges like Yars’ Revenge, but has always been remembered as the man who created the much maligned E.T. for the Atari 2600 – completing it in just under two months at Atari’s behest, in time to have the E.T. cartridge in stores by Christmas 1982.

Other interviews include former Atari executives such as Manny Gerard, the man responsible for discovering, acquiring, and overseeing Atari for Warner Communications; and Nolan Bushnell who co-founded Atari in 1972. The film’s director Zak Penn is present throughout the film as he attempts to uncover Atari’s history in the New Mexico desert.

The documentary is being produced as part of Microsoft’s “Xbox Entertainment Studios” project (recently announced to close up shop in coming months) to bring exclusive content to Xbox Live subscribers. Director Zak Penn was in attendance at Comic Con to answer questions and introduce the film. Joining him was Howard Scott Warshaw who received a roaring standing ovation from the crowd.

The film is set to be released Fall 2014 to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.



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