Millipede is MythBuster Adam Savage’s Favorite Video Game

Millipede is MythBuster Adam Savage’s Favorite Video Game

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Justin Atari

By Justin on August 29, 2015  |  Retroist  |  Instagram

Adam Savage says he’s not a gamer, but the co-host of the Discovery Channel television series MythBusters is absolutely enthralled with Atari’s Millipede, and has been ever since he first discovered the game as a teenager while working at a bar as a busboy in 1984.

At the end of every shift, Adam would spend most of his tips playing Millipede. In a video posted on, Adam Savage makes a tongue-in-cheek introduction of his Millipede arcade game as one of his “new friends” saying that playing the game is “deeply embedded in his DNA.”


Atari Millipede Artwork Centipede Arcade Video Game

Millipede is Atari’s immensely challenging 1982 sequel to Centipede


Now that he’s a bit older and more successful than he was at sixteen, Adam Savage has had the privilege of finding a Millipede arcade game on Craigslist and bringing it home to play in his San Francisco workshop.

Adam got a great deal on his Millipede machine. It was in pretty decent shape overall when he found it, though it was housed in an Atari Arabian cabinet and was in need of minor repairs.


Atari Millipede Advertisement Centipede Arcade Video Game

Millipede was released for the Atari 2600 in 1984


Once he got his arcade game of Millipede back to his workshop, Adam contacted Dave Jones at Power Up Arcade Services and hired him to do a complete rework of his machine, fixing the monitor, cleaning the electronics and adding some new features. Adam’s modified Millipede now includes a chip that allows him to switch between the original Centipede arcade game, and the Millipede sequel.

Every afternoon before leaving his workshop in San Francisco, Adam Savage challenges himself to increase his high score on a single quarter.

Adam plays through a few levels of Millipede and gives a good demonstration of the game in a “Show and Tell” video for his website which you can see here:



Adam doesn’t play many video games, but he does have an affinity for one particular Atari game from his youth. Adam shares his love for the classic arcade game Millipede and gives a demo of the cabinet he has set up in his workshop! [Via]



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