Rescue on Fractalus Atari 7800 Prototype

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Rescue on Fractalus Atari 7800 Prototype

By Lance Ringquist on March 12, 2016  |  Web

This is a review of a Rescue on Fractalus prototype cartridge for Atari 7800 ProSystem. Rescue on Fractalus was developed for the Atari 7800 by Lucasfilm Games in 1984 and was never released, but much work had been completed on the game before its demise. I obtained my Rescue on Fractalus prototype cartridge directly from Atari when working with them in the early ’90s.

I made this video with my friend Steve who filmed it and helped with production. Steve is a member here in the Atari I/O Forums and posts under the name BlackCatz40.

The game appears almost complete, but looks like its searching for RAM or a video chip, most likely the later. The game allows you fly around left, right, up, and down. There is very smooth animation and the cockpit is very well detailed. When you press the fire buttons you don’t get any action and you don’t see anyone to rescue or to shoot at. It appears to be an unfinished prototype, but it’s possible it’s a complete game.

From the looks of the prototype, Rescue on Fractalus would have been a very good looking game on the Atari 7800, and had it been released it would have been a huge seller. GATO would have been a great seller, ElectroCop would have been a great seller, and Rampart would have been a great seller. What was Jack Tramiel thinking?

This isn’t a very long video, I just wanted to show you what Rescue on Fractalus might have looked like and how it would play if it had been released on the Atari 7800. There is also a brief demonstration of the Video 61 Grip-Stick joystick that is 100% 7800 compatible. Steve and I made this video exclusively for Atari I/O. Let’s take a look:



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