Jag Bar Tour, Jaguar Catalog & News

Jag Bar Tour, Jaguar Catalog & News

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By Brian Thomas Barnhart on April 15, 2016  |  YouTube  |  Instagram

Hey what’s up everybody, BTB here, welcome back to The Jag Bar! As you can see in the episode I don’t have any guests with me, and that is because I’m answering Viewer Email today!

Now there have been a lot of requests to see what the rest of The Jag Bar looks like, and I would love to do that for you guys today, the viewers who tune in to The Jag Bar and they want to see what else is happening here. Today we’ll take a tour of The Jag Bar, we’ll take a look at some of these cool collectables, and the mid-century design of this laid-back palace of recreation and relaxation. This is the day that we’re going to do that.

Also, we’re going to do some updates on the show. In this episode I’ll give you some new stuff that’s happening, we’ll discuss what happens when we run out of Jaguar games, and what happens then?

I’m not gonna let you guys down, we’re going to keep this Jag Bar going as long as we can! However, I’ve got another show coming up too. I’ll talk about that a little bit, later, and you might actually see a little bit of that show on the next episode of The Jag Bar.

We’re going to do things a little bit different, we’re going to do some Jaguar games, we’ve got some surprises coming up, and I just want to thank you guys for turning in, thank you for watching the show.

We’ll also take a look at the amazing “Jag-Ware” Atari Jaguar product catalog on the show today. This is something extremely funny. The catalog is called “Jag-Ware” and this basically had, if you wanted Atari Jaguar-related shirts, hats, fanny packs, color-changing coffee cups, and that kind of stuff, you would definitely get your Jag “ware” here, out of this catalog. Today we’ll check out this super cool catalog guy with his Atari Jaguar hat turned backwards, we’ll take a look at this Jaguar babe rockin’ the denim look with the official Jaguar fanny pack and baseball shirt on. Don’t lie, if you saw this babe at the arcade wearing this, you’d be like “Hey, hi. My name is BTB, and um I’d like to buy you a game of Mortal Kombat right now. And maybe a Sprite.”

We have got a ton of games to look at over at the Lynx Lounge, and if you like Atari-related products this is the place to come check it out. Check out the Lynx Lounge, come back to The Jag Bar, have a drink on me, and we’ll just have a good time. Look, life is too short, why is everybody so upset? Let’s have some fun! Some fun with friends and just continue to love life. Peace be with you, Shalom, and all of that good stuff.

Take a tour of the Jag Bar and check out some swank Jaguar related items. What games are left at the Jag Bar and where does the show go from here? Find out in this episode of The Jag Bar:




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