7800 Avenue Mystery Unboxing

7800 Avenue Mystery Unboxing

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We are back at 7800 Avenue! This is a special episode today because I have got a special Mystery Unboxing to share with you! Plus, I’ve got a special guest with me today who wanted to help out with the unboxing. I got an interesting text last week: “Something wicked this way comes to you. You may want to get the video cam ready for a box opening.” Sounds like something from Dungeons and Dragons. Or a bomb or something. So then I said “Well who is this? Who’s texting me?” and it turns out it’s Paul Westphal from Eight Bit Fix! He sent me a mystery package all the way from Portland, Oregon – and today we’re going to unbox it. I honestly do not know what this is at all, I have no idea. Maybe it’s a mini arcade cabinet? I don’t know. We’re going to open it up, and we’re going to see what is inside.

Oh boy! We’ve got a lot of foam peanuts. I see the Atari logo on there. But what is it? C’mon, let’s get it out of there! This is CRAZY! I knew this was bound to come! WOW. Well, I know you want to know what’s in the Mystery Unboxing so lets roll that beautiful bean footage:


Watch BTB’s Mystery Unboxing on 7800 Avenue!


Paul Westphal is the man. Not only did he give me this awesome gift but, let’s be honest, this guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the repairing of classic video game systems. This guy does it all. If you have any issues, he can help you out. Not only is he an outstanding guy but he’s got an outstanding company. He will hook you up and get you back in the game, so definitely check him out. Thank you, Paul!



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